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July Newsletter

Formerly the Eastern Region of the BPA, devolution and the formation of the English Petanque Association, the governing body for England, has led to changes in the Eastern Region, namely becoming a self governing body.
With a new name to best represent our area, the Eastern Counties Region was formed.
The region includes Essex, Cambridge and any counties bordering on Essex and any club that wishes to belong to the Eastern Counties Region.

The objectives of the County Region shall be to promote the game of petanque by:-

setting up or encouraging the formation of EPA member leagues.

encouraging and supporting the formation of affiliated clubs

organising competitions

the creation of centres of excellence with facilities for players to practise.

publishing an annual playing calendar.

Coming Events
Sunday 24th August
Doubles and Shooting Competition
Rayne Swan PC

Sunday 31st August
10th Anniversary Charity Doubles
Rayne Swan PC

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