ECRP Competitions and Results

Regional Competitions Overview

Inter-Regional Competition

The Inter-Regional tournament is Pétanque England’s biggest annual competition and is the highlight of the Pétanque year for many PE members. The tournament comprises two divisions, and within each division there is a Championship (eight teams per regional squad) and a Challenge (four teams per regional squad).

Each team within a region’s squad is ranked and plays against equally ranked teams from all other regions in their division.

The Presidents Cup aggregates the score of all a regions squads – both Championship and Challenge – to find the overall best-performing region.

Participating PE Regions hold qualifying competitions to select their players, and the Regions then enter their squads in the competition (it is not possible for individuals to enter directly). Booking of accommodation is also done via the Regions, who make bookings for their team with our partner Isle of Wight Tours.

2023 Venue

Pétanque England’s 2023 Inter-Regionals will be held at Pakefield Holiday Village, Lowestoft, NR33 7PF from Friday 15th to Monday 18th September 2023, with around 800 competitors staying on site and playing on specially constructed pétanque terrains. The entire Holiday Village site will be exclusive to Pétanque England and Coach travel can be arranged for regions if required, at additional charge. You can find out more on PE Inter-Regionals page, which also includes FAQs.

The dates for the Eastern Counties Regional Qualifiers are:

Inter-Regional Qualifier 1- tbc

Inter-Regional Qualifier 2 – tbc 

Inter-Regional Qualifier 3 – tbc

Results from Inter-Regional Championship 2022 are listed below:

PE Inter-Regional Championship & Challenge Tournament 2022

Championship - Division 2 - Summary

Section 1 Standings

Region W F A D
Eastern 26 430 342 88
Mercia 20 402 387 15
East Midlands 20 383 374 9
Sussex 19 404 403 1
Heart of England 18 379 436 -57
Thames Valley 17 360 416 -56

Section 1 Standings

Region W F A D
Eastern 48 834 695 139
Mercia 45 825 739 86
Sussex 45 844 764 80
East Midlands 41 780 743 37
Thames Valley 31 704 862 -158
Heart of England 30 693 877 -184

Section 1 Standings

Region W F A D
Eastern 26 430 342 88
Mercia 20 402 387 15
East Midlands 20 383 374 9
Sussex 19 404 403 1
Heart of England 18 379 436 -57
Thames Valley 17 360 416 -56

Last Complete Round

Best Teams

Region W F A D
East Midlands-6 9 124 61 63
Eastern-7 8 125 70 55
Eastern-8 8 116 69 47

Regional Competitions

Regional Triples 2023

Date tbc

Regional Doubles 2023

Date tbc

Regional Veterans (>55) 2023

Date tbc

Regional Singles

Date tbc

Results from the Regional Competitions from 1984 are listed below:

Trophy Past Winners

Regional Winners

Year Winner/Runner Up Doubles (Player 1) Doubles (Player 2) Triples (Player 1) Triples (Player 2) Triples (Player 3) Singles Indoor Doubles (Player 1) Indoor Doubles (Player 2) Shooting
1984 Geoff Evans M Evans
1985 Graham Mac Dougall A Bacon
1986 Geoff Evans M Evans
1987 Graham Mac Dougall A Bacon
1988 Simon Bird P Enoch
1989 Simon Bird P Enoch
1990 Matt Blyton D Miceli
1991 Pat Watts Carol Evans
1992 Ian Barnes Simon Bird
1993 Ian Barnes Simon Bird
1994 Ian Barnes Simon Bird
1995 Ian Barnes Simon Bird
1996 M Tarbun D Covill
1998 Winners Matt Tarbun Simon Bird Dean Middleton Dean Little Anil Ganesh Pat Watts Dean Middleton Dean Little
1999 Winners Simon Bird Michelle Tarbun Simon Bird Michelle Tarbun Tony Hill John King
2000 Winners Frank Britt M Tarbun Michelle Tarbun Lorne Gibson Pat Watts Pat Watts Pat Watts Lorne Gibson
2001 Winners Matt Tarbun Simon Bird Vivien Middleton Simon Bird Keith Flack Simon Bird Vivien Middleton
2002 Winners Graham McDougall Michelle Tarbun Lorne Gibson Simon Doble
2003 Winners Sofiane Lachani Michelle Tarbun Simon Bird Michelle Tarbun Sofiane Lachani
2004 Winners Dean Little Keith Flack Simon Bird Michelle Tarbun Sofian Lachani
2005 Winners Chris Parr Frank Britt Chris Allen Simon Bird Sofiane Lachani Keith Flack
Runners Up Simon Doble Roy Edwards Michael Walkley
2006 Winners Vanessa Webb Chris Allen Chris Allen Simon Bird Sofiane Lachani Keith Flack
Runners Up Keith Flack Dean Little Vanessa Webb Frank Britt Kim Lachani Raj Tupsy
2007 Winners Keith Flack Dean Little Viv Middleton-Sams Adam Buxton Simon Bird Simon Doble
Runners Up Simon Bird Lorne Gibson Deke Gardiner Paul Sparkes James Carke Veeraj Bannewari
2008 Winners Simon Bird Sofiane Lachani Dean Little Tim McConnan Keith Flack
Runners Up Dean Little Lungut Julie Constable Daphne Barrow Kim Lachani
2009 Winners Simon Bird Sofiane Lachani Vince Scofield Frank Britt Adam Buxton Keith Flack
Runners Up Vanessa Webb Chris Allen Sofiane Lachani Trevor Blows Simon Bird Trevor Blows
2010 Winners Simon Bird Sofiane Lachani Eric Taylor Pauline Taylor Dawn Bourquin Naheb Khodabux
Runners Up Simon Bird Dan Blows Trevor Blows Dawn Allan
2011 Winners Dean Little Keith Flack Booth Booth Booth
Runners Up Dan Blows Lorne Gibson Trevor Blows
2012 Winners Peter Ward John King Not held Not held Not held Naheb Khodabux
2013 Winners Ian Butcher Andy Butcher
2014 Winners
2015 Winners Michelle Tarbun Simon Bird Francois Bouquin
Runners Up Naheb Khodabux Graham Penn Eric taylor
2016 Winners Francois Bourquin Ian Hall Ian Barnes
Runners Up Colin Roper Naheb Khodabux Jon Sellar
2017 Winners Frank Britt Mike Brown Andy Wilmot Jean Wilmot Sean Daisley Paul Daisley
Runners Up Carol Barnes Ian Barnes Naheb Khodabux Clare Courtney Colin Roper
2018 Winners Francois Bourquin Nigel Hill Women's Doubles IWD Sean Daisley
2019 Winners Bernie Wade Dave Pearse Dawn Allan Jean Wilmot Dave Pearse
2020 Winners No Comps COVID_19 No Comps COVID_19 No Comps Carolyn Acland Karen Wade
Runners up Jean Wilmot Dawn Allan
2021 Runners Up No Comps COVID_19 No Comps COVID_19 No Comps No Comps Covid_19
2022 Winners Not held Not held Francois Bourquin Anders Risberg Dean Preston Not held Not held Not held Not held
Runners Up Chris Wilmot Jean Wilmot Ian Anderson

Local Clubs Competitions

Ongar Festival 2022

GOLD Winners:

TOWERS TIGERS – Richard Shaw, David Hermosa – Towers PC

Leaque Competitions and Results

Braintree & District Pétanque League

The Braintree & District Pétanque League caters for clubs in the northeast of the region. There are 2 leagues, Summer: commencing during April played on Wednesday evenings and Winter: commencing in October played on Sundays. This is a friendly league that was formed over 40 years ago. Teams playing come from the following clubs:

  • The Chequers at Great Tey
  • The Con Club in Earls Colne
  • The Bell in Feering
  • The Swan in Rayne
  • The Swan Pub in Totham

We play league matches on Wednesday evenings in the summer and three Sunday mornings a month in the winter.  Each club arranges their own club nights. We also arrange singles, doubles, and melee competitions, usually during the Summer.

Herts & Essex League

The Herts & Essex Winter League, catering for clubs in the southwest of the region, is played from October to April. This was originally known as the M25/Orbital League.

The Herts & Essex Summer League, originally known as the McMullen Pétanque League, is played from May to September.

Contact: Graham Penn 

H&E League Results 2021/22

We concluded our 2021/22- league matches on Sunday 17th May 2022 at Chequers PC.  The league was won by Feering Bell for the fifth time in the last six years.  This year we had twelve teams competing at six venues, starting in October and finishing in May. We play once each month, except for January and February, too cold!!  The league offers a friendly, social environment with enjoyment the top priority. All the hosting clubs make a determined effort to provide six playing surfaces plus hospitality on the day.

Final results are listed below: 

Position Team Played Won For Against Diff Pts
1 Feering Bell 22 17 264 147 117 27.5
2 Towers 3 22 18 264 176 88 26
3 Little Totham 1 22 17 263 177 86 25
4 Towers 1 22 13 246 209 37 21
5 Little Totham 2 22 13 212 200 12 18
6 Towers 4 22 13 221 220 1 17
7 Towers 5 22 11 208 226 -18 16
8 Chequers 1 22 6 186 246 -60 11
9 Earls Colne 22 7 199 261 -62 10.5
10 Chequers 2 22 7 179 244 -65 10.5
11 Wethersfield 22 5 190 258 -68 8
12 Towers 2 22 5 195 263 -68 7.5

Results Archive (organised annually)

These tables below, from the former Eastern Region, show league competition winners since 1979. Inevitably, in a period spanning over 30 years, there will be some omissions and inaccuracies. If any past winners or visitors to these pages can supply any missing information or corrections, would you please email us.

Please see below the past winners for the Braintree & District and Herts & Essex leagues:

League Past Winners

Year Braintree & District Pétanque Winter League Braintree & District Pétanque Summer League Herts & Essex Pétanque Winter League Herts & Essex Pétanque Summer League
2022 Feering Bell
2020  Feering Bell
2019  No Competition  Towers 2
2018  Feering Bell A  Feering Bell  Hanbury 2
2017  Feering Bell A  Feering Bell  Hanbury 3
2016  Rayne Swan Bombers  Hanbury 1  Hanbury 1
2015  Feering Bell  Hanbury
2014  Towers 1  DS Brits
2013  Half Butt  Debden  The Plough
2012 Feering Bell Marinelli  Colne Demons  Debden
2011  Tey Sharpshooters  Chequers Black  Debden Brits 2  The Plough
2010  Feering Bell  Rayne Swan 3
2009  Feering Bell  Rayne Swan 1
2008  Rayne Swan 1  Rayne Swan 1  Potters Bar 1
2007  Chequers  Feering Bell  Towers 1  Nags Head
2006  Rayne Swan 1  Feering Bell  Towers 1  Victorians
2005  Onley  Chequers White  Victorians 2
2004  Angel  Chequers White
2003  Rovers Tye  Feering Bell
2002  Rovers Tye  Feering Bell
2001  Angel  Angel 1
2000  Angel 1
1998  Angel 2
1996  Feering Bell
1995  Eagle 3  Chequers 3
1994  Portobello  Chequers 2
1993  Eagle A  Chequers 3
1992  Eagle A  Chequers 2
1991  Portobello A  Chequers 2
1990  Portobello A
1989  Portobello A  Portobello
1988  Portobello A  Portobello
1987  Portobello A  Kings Head 4
1986  Portobello A  Onley 2
1985  Portobello A  Colne Valley 3
1984  Portobello A  Portobello C
1983  Rayne Swan A  Colne Valley
1982  Rayne Swan A  Portobello B
1981  Bird in Hand Kestrels  Bird in Hand
1980  Rayne Swan A  Rayne Swan
1979  Rayne Swan A  The Sun
1978  Coggeshall Cricketers