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This question was answered by our Regional umpire - Bob Parker

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Question 20

Premature removal of the throwing circle

These days we usually play using plastic circles, and it is not infrequent for a player to accidentally remove the circle whilst there are still boules to be played.

Under Article 6 of the FIPJP rules it says the circle is to be replaced but only the opponents may play their boules.
I do not like this for the following reasons:

1. The opponents might take advantage and replace the circle in a different spot give themselves a better line to the head. Even with an umpire, how can he be sure unless the position of the circle was marked?

2. In my experience the premature removal of the circle has always been accidental. Therefore it is unreasonable to penalise the offender or their team.

Surely the rules should state that the position of the circle must be marked before the first boule is thrown. Then, if the circle is removed prematurely, it can be replaced in exactly the same position and both sides may continue to play normally.