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Question 19
Dead Boules

Team A throws out the jack and the first boule.
Team B plays their first boule followed by the second & third boule.
Team A looks at the head and decides that Team Bís first boule was holding the point and declare that playing out of turn Team B's throws were contrary to the rules according to

'Article 24, Boules thrown contrary to the rules.' Any boule thrown contrary to the rules is dead.

and therefore team Bís second & third boules were dead and removed from the piste.

Can that be correct?

Question 18
Coche colour

A team wins the toss & throws the coche. The opposition do not like the colour of the coche & want it changed. Can they insist on a change or can the coche owner insist on keeping their choice?

Question 17
Dead coche

Team A shot and the coche went dead. Team A show that they have 3 boule left in hand. Team B thought they were out of boule as they had no boule in their hand and it was agreed Team A had scored 3.
3 points were put on the scoreboard and Team A drew the circle ready to play the next end when Team B suddenly realises that they did have 1 boule left and it was off the end of the piste and hadnít been thrown. Team B then took the 3 points off the scoreboard as they called it a dead end as technically they did have a boule in hand.
Were Team B correct or was the fact that 3 had been declared and the circle drawn ready for the next end mean that the score should have stayed the same and Team A should have carried on and thrown the coche?

Question 16
Dead boule or not

If a player shoots and the shot boule travels towards the edge and back into play and one team says the boule went dead and the opposing team says it didnít and there were no independent witnesses, and they cannot or will not agree, what decision is correct?

Question 15
Approved boules

I always thought that a set of approved boules was a set of 3 identical boules.
Recently someone said that they could play with a mixture of boules, differing in weight, diameter and pattern as long as they conformed with Article 2a of the Official Rules.
I can't find anything in the rules stating otherwise, can you provide the correct understanding of the rules.

Question 14
Method to be used when throwing a boule

At a recent League Match I suggested to a fellow team player that on the particular section of piste we were playing it may be advantageous to play with the palm as to give the boule a certain amount of opposed to the palm downwards and back-spin or no spin.
They were under the impression that the palm must at all times be pointed downwards....and have always played in that way.
I have never seen any ruling to that effect, only that it was the 'normal' grip.
I seek your comment.

Question 13
Prefabricated throwing circle

Regarding the recent translation of the rules as approved by the International Congress of the FIPJP.
In Article 6 - Start of Play - Rules regarding the circle, states that "Where a prefabricated circle is used, it must have an internal diameter of 50cms." but doesn't mention the circles construction.

In its nature a prefabricated circle must sit above ground level, not only big enough for the old fools to see but to trip over and inadvertently move the circle during the game.
If a prefabricated circle is used locally will the umpires allow it's use in Regional, National and even International games.
I would be interested in your comments and clarification of these matters.

Question 12
Opponent kicked away my 3rd boule

During a match my opponent, standing at the head, awarded me 2 points and kicked away my boule in 4th position before I had seen the situation. What action could or should I have taken to ensure that this doesn't happen again?

Question 11
Drawing the throwing circle

During a recent match whilst I removed the redundant throwing circle my opponent drew the new throwing circle. It was always in the position that I would have drawn it (where the jack had finished and enough room to throw to 10 metres). Did I have any right to remonstrate with him or would it be classed as childish because I wanted to draw the circle?

Question 10
Marking the positions of the boules and jack

In answer 3 you stress the importance of marking the positions of the boules and jack. At what stage of the game should one mark the positions and which team is responsible for doing the marking?

Question 9
Who's next?

First two players both point their boule off the terrain. Who plays next?

Question 8
Wearing gloves

I know that we are allowed to play in gloves but is there any restriction on the type that may be worn e.g. some may be alleged to be grip enhancing?

Question 7
Jack out of play

If the jack is knocked out of play, from where does the game resume. From where the jack went out, from the original throwing ring or wherever you like, or somewhere else?

Question 6
Dead area on the piste

I have noticed that some players on entering the throwing circle drop their spare boules onto the ground, I have been told that there is no dead area and that I should carry my boules. Who is correct?

Question 5
Dead boule pick-up

Your answer regarding "dead boule pick-up" has become a major debate on our piste, can you expand on the reasoning behind this rule?

Question 4
Coche now called a Jack

Question 3 was about throwing out a coche, your answer didn't refer to a "coche" but a "Jack", Why?

Question 3
The first player has thrown the coche and it is between 6 & 10 metres. The first boule is then thrown and moves the coche beyond 10 metres. What is the ruling on that please?

Mike Pegg disagreed with Barries answer (citing something which took place at the last World Championships).
Click the box below for the citing

Question 2
Redundant throwing circles

What is the reason that redundant circles should be effaced at the end of the end and there should be only one circle on the piste that is being used?

Question 1
Dead boule pick-up

I've been told that I shouldn't remove any boules which become dead until the opposing team vacates the circle. What is the reasoning behind this?